Reporting a User

As a viewer, you can report streamers and other viewers for any inappropriate content or actions. To report a user, follow the following steps:

  • Select the viewer's mini-profile (By tapping their name in the chat)
  • Tap the (!) symbol in the top-right corner of the mini-profile
  • Select Report

A user that has been reported multiple times will be flagged for investigation by our moderation team.

Please keep in mind that Livestar does not allow any times of threats or repeated harassment.

If there is a very serious issue to report, please email with full a full description of the issue and supporting screenshots if available.

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    Im being harassed by KEVINSANEARMY creating different profiles going in my stream and starting problems and drama with my viewers n with me plus bringing his family to harass me n bully me I block him and he still going around and talking bad things being disrespectful in people streams even though I am ignoring he is there he constantly talk about stuff that happen in my stream with everyone. All cause he was jealous cause another guy streamer was talking to me n I didn't talk to him lol

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