Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The following are examples of content that we DO NOT allow on Livestar:

  • Nudity and/or sexually explicit materials
    • Sexually explicit focused content
    • Stripping of clothes, performing sexual acts, displaying sex toys or paraphernalia
    • Wearing overly revealing clothing
      • i.e. Wearing something that would not be accepted in public
    • Displaying sexually explicit images of oneself or others
  • Unlawful acts
    • Any illegal acts committed or encouraged while streaming
      • i.e. In an environment with minors consuming alcohol
  • Violence or self-harm
    • Threats of violence to others or to oneself
    • Display of violence during live stream
      • i.e. Brandishing a weapon, verbal physical threats to another individual
  • Excessive harassment, hate speech, threats
    • Bullying, hate speech, racism, and/or threats
    • Attacks on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, or medical conditions
    • Threats directed towards streamers or viewers, to any extent
  • Underage Users
    • Streamers and users who are under the age of 17 are prohibited from using Livestar - unless otherwise allowed specifically by Livestar or due to special circumstances.
  • Substance abuse
    • Drug use or display of drug paraphernalia
    • Underage drinking or smoking
  • Unauthorized sharing of personal information
    • Sharing personal information or information of others
      • i.e. Sharing of home address, phone number, e-mail
  • Spam, phishing requests, malicious links
    • Any interference with chat with intent to disrupt the service
      • i.e. Spamming chat with repeated messages, requesting personal information, attempts to spread malware
  • Copyright infringement or duplicate streaming
    • Unauthorized copying, distribution, modification, public display, or public performance or copyrighted work without permission
      • i.e. Live steaming in a movie in a theater, live streaming another streamers broadcast
  • Ban evasion
    • Creating multiple accounts or using multiple devices in order to avoid bans or actions taken against previous accounts of the same user


*Actionable offenses include but are not limited to the points listed in this guide. Any action against a channel or user on Livestar is fully up to the discretion of the Livestar moderators.


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