Going Live on Livestar

It's easy to start streaming on Livestar.

On the bottom center of the Live section, you will see our Go Live button. After you select the Go Live button, you will need to create a caption for your stream. This caption will be seen before before enter your live stream, so be sure to make it intriguing!

When live streaming, your viewers may send likes by tapping their screens or gifts which appear on your screen. Gifts sent to you as a streamer earns you EXP - which will level you up, and Trophies - which can be cashed out for real money!

When going live, here are a few general tips to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to welcome all of your viewers when they join your stream
  • Keep an eye on your chat, and keep them involved 
  • The top of the screen will show:
    • Your profile picture - if tapped, will pull up your mini-profile
    • Current viewer count - which changes as viewers come and go
    • Your streamer level - if tapped, shows your contributor list and current streamer level progress
    • Your current viewer list - which is sorted by contributor level
  • The bottom of the screen has buttons for:
    • Chatting
    • Livestar's Guesting feature
    • Swapping between front/back camera
    • Muting your microphone
    • Sharing options
    • Ending your stream


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