The Me section of Livestar is essentially your personal profile - and includes all of your personal info and settings which are editable. It will show all of your streaming stats, and give you access to your flow and other personal features of Livestar.

In the Me section, you can:

  • Edit your personal info
    • This includes your profile picture, username, bio, etc.
  • View your:
    • LID #
    • Contributor Level
    • Streamer Level
    • Flows - Tap to view
    • Followers - Tap to view
    • Following - Tap to view
    • Current Star Coin balance - Tap to purchase more or view purchase history
    • My Trophies - Tap to access trophy rewards
    • Top Contributors list - Tap to view all contributors
  • Access:
    • My Levels - To view detailed information about your current levels
    • Security Center - To verify your email and phone number
    • About - To view Livestar's Terms of Service, leave feedback, etc.
    • Settings - To change notification settings, your block list, to log out, etc.
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