With Guesting, streamers can invite viewers to join them LIVE while broadcasting. With this new feature, streamers can interact with their viewers live and produce even more fun and exciting streams!

Who Can Use The Guesting Feature?

Any streamer who has achieved Streamer Level 11+ can accept guesting invitations.

Viewers must have achieved Contributor Level 6+ in order to request to guest star in a live stream.

In addition, any streamer who has achieved Streamer Level 21+ can accept guesting invitations from ANY viewer, regardless of their contributor level. Streamers who have achieved Streamer Level 21+ can also have up to three guests join their live stream!

How Do I Become a Guest on a Live Stream?

It’s simple! Just click the Guesting button on the bottom of the screen while in a live stream.

How Do I Invite Guests to My Live Stream?

When someone requests to guest star on your stream, you’ll see an alert on the Guesting button on the bottom of your screen. Simply tap this button, then select which guest you want and tap begin to start!


*Streamers are responsible for the actions and content of their guests and all guests must follow Livestar's community guidelines.

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