Livestar's Chat feature allows users to interact with each other and send private messages to one another. In addition, the Chat feature also allows Group Chats between three or more people.

Here's some more details about Livestar's Chat feature:

  • Messages sent from users who you don't follow are redirected to your Blind Messages 
  • Messages sent from users which you are mutually following and group chats can be found in your inbox
  • You can start a new chat with a connection by tapping the "+" button on the top right - if you want to start a chat with someone who's not a connection, you can search for them by username or LID#
  • You can view your connections by tapping the "Connections" button on the top left - here you can also search your mobile contacts, existing group chats, and all existing connections
  • You can customize settings for individual chats by selecting a chat, then tapping the settings button on the top right - i.e. mute notifications, clear chat history, block user, etc.
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