Levels & Leveling Up

Account levels on Livestar are separated into two types - Contributor Level and Streamer Level.

Your Contributor Level and Streamer Level will increase as you continue to use Livestar. Achieving higher levels will also unlock certain perks and opportunities that low level accounts may not have access to.

Information about your current levels can be viewed in the 'My Levels' section of the Me section of Livestar.

Contributor Levels

Your contributor level is determined by the amount of gifts you've sent to streamers and the EXP - or experience - earned from sending these gifts. Contributor levels also determine where you appear in the viewer list when watching other streamers - which is arranged by highest contributor level first.

In addition to unlocking different perks, higher contributor levels also make it easier to be recognized throughout the app.

Streamer Levels

Your streamer level is determined by the amount of Trophies you have received total during your time streaming on Livestar. When you live stream, your streamer level is also displayed on your profile picture on the Live section.

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