Viewers can spend Star Coins to send gifts to their favorite streamers - earning the streamer Trophies.

As a viewer, gifts can be viewed in the Gift Shop by tapping the pink Gift Shop Button on the bottom of your screen while watching a stream. 

The price of gifts that can be spent vary from 1 Star Coin - 5,000 Star Coins - and include a wide variety of different types of virtual gifts and animated gifts to choose from. Some gifts might even have a hidden meaning and gifts often change depending on the season and holidays - so keep an eye out!

When gifts are sent from a viewer to the streamer, the streamer will earn Trophies - which can be cashed out into real money! Receiving Trophies as a streamer will also help you increase your Streamer Level.

Sending gifts as a viewer will earn you EXP - which will help you increase your Contributor Level. 

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