I Never Received the Star Coins I Purchased

If you have made a Star Coin purchase in-app or online and did not receive the Star Coins purchased, there are a few things to check before reaching out to the Livestar support team.

Please verify:

  • That your payment method was successfully charged for the purchase amount
  • The payment was authorized and completed

If your payment was completed, and you still did not receive your Star Coins, please reach out to our support team for further investigation.

When reaching out to our support team, please include the following information:

  • The LID# of the account that made the purchase
  • The date that the purchase in question was made
  • A screenshot of your Star Coin purchase history - which can be found in app
  • A screenshot of the receipt of completed payment clearly showing the transaction ID and date - i.e. a receipt from the App Store

Once we have this information, our support team will be happy to investigate and solve your issue accordingly.

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